Sunday, 24 February 2013

Earn Money by Flipkart Affilate

Hello friends,

                          Flipkart is an indian e-Commerce online shopping company of mobile & mobile accesories, laptops, computers, games, modem, pen drive, movie, music, camera, and every products in india.
                            This is the best way of making money online with flipkart. What you have to do this sell a product of  Affilate company and in return you will get Commission from that Specific product which you sell.

How To Register With Flipkart Affilate Programe

  • Go to Flipkart Affilate program website from google.
  • Sign Up from New Account.
  • After finished the above steps log in to your flipkart affilate account and get a affilate banner, Link, HTML code, Search Bar for your website or blog, Then simply add it in your blog or website.
Referral Commission-

  • Books                                            6%
  • Mobile & Accesories                      1%
  • Computer                                     0.5%
  • Cameras                                          2%
  • Games                                              1%
  • Movie & T.V Show                           4%
  • Music                                                 4%
  • Audio & MP3 Player                          1%
  • Personal & Health Care                      1%
  • Home & Kitchen                                1%
  • T.V & Video                                     0.5%
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